Q-pot. Jewelry for TGU Give Away & Their International Online Shop Renewed!

Q-pot. Jewelry for TGU Give Away & Their International Online Shop Renewed!

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Q-pot. is an accessory brand that promotes jewelry with motif of real-kind sweets. It is popular not just in Japan, but also around the world too.qpot-image
Unique but sweet designs done by Tadaaki Wakamatsu, a Japanese designer, and all the jewelry made in Japan catch the fans heart!


Q-pot. Instagram :


There are seven shops in Japan, including Harajuku’s main store where you can feel the whole concept of Q-pot.



Across the street of Harajuku main store is a Q-pot CAFE. where the jewelries come alive and can taste the actual sweets of the accessory! The photogenic interior is a dreamy place where you can get addicted!

Q-pot CAFE information:


Such Q-pot. is renewing the “Q-pot. INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP” which it is available for foreign customers! The convenience increases with the creation of website shipped from Japan ( and another website is shipped from the United States ( Now you can send a Q-pot. gift from your country to a friend living in another country!

Celebrating the renewal open of the International online shop, we will introduce the must get items available at Q-pot. Take a look as your gift to yourself or surprise present for a far away friend outside your country!


Macaron is the most standard sweet for Q.pot. Q-pot.’s macaroon appears to have lots of cream, and is popular from the start. Let the Macaroon be your first Q-pot.!!


Shipping from Japan
Shipping from the USA


OnlineShop Limited / Petit Sweet Strawberry Cake Ring
Cake, strawberry and chocolate, and ribbon… girls’ favorite motifs are filled in this online limited jewelry!!


Shipping from Japan
Shipping from the USA


Strawberry Santa Claus Necklace
Must get it for this season!! Santa Claus made with strawberry and white whip cream shines a stone of a Swarovski which is perfect for this holiday season!

q-pot-christmas-giveaway-05Shipping from the USA
*Currently out of stock at Japan site.


White Luxe Heart Chocolat Necklace
This heart shaped chocolat is covered by sensitive powder snow that creates the atmosphere of a romantic winter.


Shipping from Japan
Shipping from the USA


Sweet Winter Story Book Necklace
This necklace appears with profound feeling and must be a key item with your style. The details are very accurate and beautiful, look at the melting parts’ design!


Shipping from Japan
Shipping from the USA


Sugar Snow Candy Necklace
Sugar Snow Candy Necklace locks up the snowflake and pearl, which imagines the sugar snow.
Feel the sense of fun with this magical necklace that fits even in a formal scene.


Shipping from Japan
Shipping from the USA


From what we have introduced, Q-pot. kindly gave us a opportunity to give away the “Sweet Winter Story Book Necklace” and “Sugar Snow Candy Necklace” for a total of two people (one necklace per person) from TGU readers!

Not only wearing it, but Q-pot. jewelries can also be a goods for a display. All the items made by Q-pot. is perfect for gifts to friends and for you and your boyfriend’s anniversary!

Apply here!

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