5 Popular & Unique Instagram Accounts from All Genres!

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5 Popular & Unique Instagram Accounts from All Genres!

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From fashion to food to dogs, here’s a list of popular Instagram accounts you should check out! Do you know who has the most followers in Japan? Read more to find out!

Naomi Watanabe

Naomi Watanabe is the most followed comedian/model/actress on Instagram in Japan with 7 million followers! She became famous in 2008 because of her imitation of Beyonce. Her dance moves were amazing, and from an interview, many Americans, including Beyonce herself, liked her dancing as well. Adding to that, her fashion is very unique. Although having a slender body tends to be the prerequisite to become a model in Japan, she makes great use of her style and became popular among fashonistas, starting her own brand for plus-sized women, Punyus.

Fallindebu Hasshi

生ガキはノドごし! 渋谷のオイスターバー【スパイラル】は、全国各地の生ガキを取りそろえているので、いろいろ食べ比べ、いや、飲み比べできちゃう😂 生ガキってホント、ちゅるりんとしたなめらかさと濃厚感がたまらない🌟 なにげに、カキのウニバター焼きがデブリシャ〜ス😎✨ #渋谷 #スパイラル #オイスターバー #肉とオムレツも #追カロリー ——- <English> Raw oysters are all about the feeling when they go down my throat! The oyster bar in Shibuya "Spiral" serves raw oysters all over Japan and you can compare to eat.. or to drink them😂 The smooth and rich texture of row oysters are really irresistible🌟 Unexpectedly, grilled oysters with sea urchin and butter was DEBUlicious, too😎✨#japan #tokyo #shibuya #spiral #oysterbar #ordered #meat #omlet #morecalorie #yummy #foodpic #foodstagram

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Hasshi is a businessman who loves to eat. There is a rumor that he works for a very big company in Japan, but he manages to work hard and eat around at the same time. He is even assigned as a Onigiri (rice ball) Ambassador by the Onigiri Society. Your mouth will start watering just by looking at his photos!

Shinjiro Ono

Shinjiro is the owner of the most famous shiba-inu in the world, Marutaro. Shinjiro decided to post more photos of Marutaro’s peaceful smile to cheer up those who were desperate and in shock after the Great East Japan Earthquake. They travel around Japan together, so you can see beautiful sceneries as well as Marutaro’s smile which will melt your heart!

Retro Japan

. ✿ Featured artist of the day! ✿ ✨ @kei_4_minus_1 ✨ . Congratulations!! 素敵なお写真へのタグ付けありがとうございます! ________________________________________ . ✾ 懐かしくて新しいがここにある ✾ . @retro_japan_ では日本文化や四季を感じるお写真、ノスタルジックなお写真をお待ちしています。 忙しい毎日に、少しでもホッと出来る時間を皆さんと共有出来たら嬉しく思います。 . Follow : @retro_japan_ Valid tag : #retro_japan_ ↑最後の_ お忘れなく . Feature Selected by: @madrigal___emi . Special thanks✾_______________________ #far_eastphotography #icu_japan #loves_nippon ________________________________________ . #レトロ #retro #日本 #日本文化 #懐かしい風景 #日本の風景 #古い町並み #古い #Canon #5D #ポートレート #portrait #後ろ姿 #backshot #浴衣 #路地裏 #夏 #日本の夏 #夏休み #看板 #日常 #生活 #life #暮らし #instagramjapan #instagram .

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In this account, you’ll find photos that are somehow very nostalgic. Good old Japan is beautifully shown in the photos. Now, they are doing Omatsuri (Festival) Event which photos with hashtag #rj_2017夏祭り have an opportunity to get featured. Or you can simply enjoy Japanese nostalgic photos of summer with #rj_2017夏祭り.

Harajuku Japan

When you hear the word “Harajuku”, you’ll imagine those unique styles, right? Through this account, you can see the actual fashion of people from Harajuku and other areas in Tokyo! They often tag the models in the photo, so it’s your chance to find your favorite fashionista!

How many of these did you know about and/or are following?

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