Heaven vs Hell! Angel vs Demon! Pikarin vs Pikarin in the MV for “Makai Joshi☆Koi Mode”!

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Heaven vs Hell! Angel vs Demon! Pikarin vs Pikarin in the MV for “Makai Joshi☆Koi Mode”!

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Shiina Pikarin is her own worst enemy in the MV for “Makai Joshi☆Koi Mode” from her upcoming mini album “MAKAI NO OWARI” (release date: August 29)!

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Set at Mejiro Fashion & Art College, devil Pikarin torments angel Pikarin by taking out all of her friends through various forms of demon magic including: scythe, chain, voodoo teddy bear, and recorder. There is that famous line from William Congreve’s play The Mourning Bride, which is often quoted as “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. The MV for “Makai Joshi☆Koi Mode” gives a faint idea of what happens of you scorn a 20,000-year old demon from hell like Pikarin. Unfortunately, because this is a short preview of the MV, it fades out just as angel Pikarin executes a kabe-don on the next victim of devil Pikarin.



With production by Kenta Matsukuma (BiS, Shoko Nakagawa), who produced “Dogeza Nai 〜Omae wo Hizamazukasete Yarouka〜”, another of the songs available on the mini album, all 6 confirmed tracks are guaranteed to be best enjoyed with your head firmly planted upon the ground. “MAKAI NO OWARI” will be released in a CD/DVD version and a CD-only version. The DVD is reported to include several MVs but, further details and visuals will be announced as the end of the demon world approaches!

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Makai no Owari / Pikarin Shiina
Makai no Owari / Pikarin Shiina

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