From Dawn to Dusk: palet Spend a Final Day by the Seaside in the MV for “Time to Change”

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From Dawn to Dusk: palet Spend a Final Day by the Seaside in the MV for “Time to Change”

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palet has stepped forward with the MV for their 5th single “Time to Change” (release date: June 17). It is a bittersweet release since it will be the last single for Mitsuki Kimijima, who will be graduating on June 21 at “palet 3rd Anniversary Live ~Time to Change~” at Ebisu The Garden Hall.

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Composed by Hiromasa Ijichi, who has previously written “VICTORY” and “SNOW DISTANCE”, “Time to Change” has a strong message about moving forward to pursue one’s dreams, which ties in with the graduations of Kimijima and Mizuki Kimoto. In the video, the members walk around on a sepia-toned beach in Chiba prefecture and hold hands while watching the sun set. The filming spanned over 12 hours as palet was on location from sunrise to sunset. Kimoto is absent from the song as she has been recuperating from health issues since April that have lead to her graduation from the group.

There is also a video where Mitsuki Kimijima talks about her graduation and the meaning of “Time to Change”, describing herself as a flower bud that is about to bloom. She also makes a distinction between palet’s “Mikkii” and Mitsuki Kimijima, likening her graduation on June 21st to a “baton relay”. Kimijima will be graduating to pursue an acting career, similar to Makoto Okunaka from PASSPO☆, who graduated on January 1, 2015. One of the best parts of the video is when she says “don’t underestimate idols!”

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Similar videos for all of the members will be uploaded to Columbia Music’s YouTube channel in the weeks leading up to the release of “Time to Change”. Yumi Nakano and Saki Takeda’s videos will be released on May 28th, Miyuki Hiraguchi and Riona Igusa on June 4th, and leader Yui Fujimoto on June 11th. “Time to Change” will be released in 2 versions: a Type-A CD/DVD version and a CD-only version. The DVD for the Type-A version will include the MV and making of video for “Time to Change”. The sun may be setting on the 7-member formation that included Mitsuki Kimijima and Mizuki Kimoto but, they will be making their way down new roads in their lives and palet will keep moving forward with 5 members after June 21st. Time to change.

 Track List
1. Time to Change
2. Itsudatte I LOVE YOU!!!
3. Time to Change (Instrumental)
4. Itsudatte I LOVE YOU!!! (Instrumental)

1.Time to Change (Music Video)
2.Time to Change (Making of Music Video)


Time to Change / palet
Type-A Single
CD+DVD 1,491yen (+tax)

Time to Change / palet
Type-B Single
CD only 1,111yen (+tax)

Concert Information
palet 3rd Anniversary Live~Time to Change~
Date: June 21, 2015 (Sun)
Open/Start: 17:30/18:00
Venue: Ebisu The Garden Hall
Address: 1-13-2 Mita Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0062

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