Don’t Look at Our Underarms! Onna Juku All Stars Show off the MVs From Their Major Debut Single!

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Don’t Look at Our Underarms! Onna Juku All Stars Show off the MVs From Their Major Debut Single!

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Onna Juku All Stars, an idol group produced by comedians Hiroyuki Yasoshima and Tsune (2700), have released the MV for “Rapper to Sugoshita 2-nenkan no Nichijou”, the 3rd and final track from their major label debut single “Waki wo Minaide” (release date: August 5).

Onna Juku All Stars is a group created from the Internet program “Nukegake! Onna Juku” in 2014. The list of members is an diverse mix of well-known and upcoming Japanese idols.

Kazumi Urano (ex-AKB48/SDN48/Watarirouka Hashiritai 7)
Seara Kojo (ex-SDN48)
Masami Kouchi (ex-SDN48)
Kazue Akita (ex-SDN48)
Saemi Shinahama (ex-SDN48)
Miku Doll Charlotte (Afilia Saga)
Yuuna Arakawa (Akishibu project)
Saori Funaki (Akishibu project)
CYBORG KAORI – beatboxer
Home Run Namichi – pachinko idol
Mirei Kurosawa (ex-Bikyaku Sentai Slender)
Mami Morisaki – gravure idol

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Yuuna Arakawa takes center stage in the ballad “Rapper to Sugoshita 2-nenkan no Nichijou”. The MV is full of melancholy and sentimental scenes as she tries to move on after those memorable 2 years. Assistant producer Tsune makes an appearance as the rapper mentioned in the title and even does his famous “elbow dance” that was one of the most imitated moves of a few years ago.

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“Waki wo Minaide” is the title track, which translates to “don’t look at my underarm”. New transfer student, Miku Doll Charlotte (Afilia Saga) assembles the rest of the students to perform the song but, Kazumi Urano ends up stealing the show with her trademark tiara (worn for “health reasons”)! Originally titled “Watashi wo Mite” (look at me), it sounds a lot like a typical idol song until they start singing about underarms during the chorus and waving their arms around. If you didn’t already have an underarm fetish, you might have one after watching the MV! Don’t look!

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“Do the Shakin’ Up Baby Lonely Fight” is loaded with katakana words! Did you get them all and understand what they all mean? It took a while to figure out what the title of the song was because it was written in katakana (and doesn’t really make sense does it?).

“Waki wo Minaide” will be sold in 3 different versions: a CD/DVD version, and 2 regular CD-only versions (A & B). The CD/DVD version has all 3 songs, the MV for “Waki wo Minaide” and more content which has yet to be determined. Regular-A comes with “Do the Shakin’ Up Baby Lonely Fight” as its coupling song. Regular-B’s coupling song is “Rapper to Sugoshita 2-nenkan no Nichijou”. In addition to joining Stand Up! Records, Onna Juku All Stars will be performing at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 on August 1st.

As mentioned in the previous story about Kumamushi, idols and comedians have a special connection in the Japanese entertainment world so, if you ever wanted to produce an idol group, or even just get to know them better, maybe you should work on becoming a comedian first?


Onna Juku All Stars Official site:

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