No Tsunku♂, No H!P, but in Sustainable Way

No Tsunku♂, No H!P, but in Sustainable Way

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He has been eagerly working for a long time. Moreover, he has worked harder than ever after Hello! launched in 1998, and after the smashing break of Aya Matsuura and Morning Musume..

I feel he didn’t want to let too many people down, didn’t want cause anyone inconvenience over his personal condition. That’s a very typical Japanese way of thinking I think. When people get sick, it’s people’s choice when to take a medical care. Tsunku♂ could have kept it secret and continue working just before he falls on the ground. Or he could have taken a medical exam to find if there is not good once a month. However, since he has felt an uncomfortable sense in his throat, it took 8 years to know what it is, sounds a bit slow for me. Why? I guess he didn’t want his personal physical condition to bother people. 

We know a throat is the key to a singer, but to him, it’s more than that. For example, every time Tsunku♂ and H!P idols engage in recording, he passes to all H!P members a demo, which he sings, chorus, writes, and makes. This is not about only the singles, but all of the songs on albums, coupling tracks, etc.. Besides, he supervises all concerts, dancing, and performances. The same approach is taken in his band “Sya Ran Q” too. Including me, some of H!P fans love such his enthusiastic approach, which needs extra time and efforts.

However, he has things to do other than all of H!P and Sya Ran Q works, and he’s raising his own children, he has lots to do more than that. My point is, he is the guy who is essential to so many people in many societies. That’s why I think this is not “his” personal matter, but “We” should take it, all of us who’re related to him somehow, should rethink how we need him, somehow easier on him. I’m sure he is thinking things like that though. As a fan of H!P, there’s nothing sadder if I couldn’t find any sign of him from H!P in the future.

No Tsunku♂, No H!P, but in a sustainable way. I just pray for his recovery now. 

written by Yuji Hara


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Yuji Hara

I lost my way in life due to the hiatus of Berryz Kobo.

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