Natsume Mito Follows Up Her Release of “Maegami Kirisugita” with yet Another Retro Manga Taste MV

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Natsume Mito Follows Up Her Release of “Maegami Kirisugita” with yet Another Retro Manga Taste MV

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Natsume Mito’s debut single Maegami Kirisugita, produced by Yasutaka Nakata sure has been a hot topic in the music world. Despite having already released four different music videos, these innovative productions keep fans coming back for more.
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5th Music Video Maegami Kirisugita Odeko-chan ver.

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Natsume Mito, a girl known for cutting her front bangs too short, turns this shockingly embarrassing faux pas into something fun and comical that anyone can laugh at.

It goes without saying that the contents of this MV are quite chaotic as so many strange scenes are thrown at viewers over a short period. Strange scenes such as close ups on a random cabbage that’s been placed in the middle of a spinning table… In all its weirdness, the MV is absolutely adorable and will appeal to almost any kawaii (cute) lover, with the video set in a world similar to that of a children’s program.

The director worked together with NHK to produce the animation production moogabooga. (Link:


6th MV Maegami Kirisugita – Friendly Period ver

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6th MV is the making of the video’s story. It’s about Natsume Mito and her friends’ struggle to beat a rival team in multiple heated sports matches. It’s vital to note that these matches are strangely mixed up – with both teams trying to hit volleyballs back with equipment from other sports, such as badminton and ping-pong. The director of this music video is Moriro Miyamoto (


And finally, Natsume Mito’s 7th MV Maegami Kirisugita – Rakugaki ver., which was released on April 2nd.

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natsume-mito-maegami-part3-05 natsume-mito-maegami-part3-06 natsume-mito-maegami-part3-07

This video introduces viewers to something that they have never seen before. The MV is a comical strip yet has its dramatic moments. Its director, Mr. Ryo Fujii, is a man whose main focus of work is in creating commercials for the Kansai area. Natsume Mito previously said, “I want to become an artist that one can chuckle at”. It’s expected that if things keep going the way they are, that dream will come true. With the help of various directors and their unique productions, its clear that more and more people around the world will find themselves unable to take their eyes off of Natsume Mito.

Natsume Mito’s MVs are becoming quite a topic on the Internet, with her presence now being felt in various parts around Tokyo. Take for example, Shimokitazawa, the area of Tokyo known for its unique sub-culture. Its shopping malls and streets are filled with Natsume Mito’s Maegami kirisugita CD cover pictures.

natsume-mito-maegami-part3-02 natsume-mito-maegami-part3-01

In Harajuku, the Narikiri Mito Natsume Exhibit is now on. At the exhibit, you can transform into Natsume Mito by getting your picture taken using the face hole board available. With this board, anyone can pretend that they’ve cut their front bangs to short and can take home a funny, memorable photo.


In Omotesando, at the TOWER RECORDS CAFÉ, they have collaborated with Natsume Mito to create a special menu that is now being released.
Even if you don’t hear about Natsume Mito from the Internet, you are almost guaranteed to discover her somewhere in Tokyo because of her growing popularity.

Natsume Mito’s debut single will go on sale from April 8th. Who know what other weird and unique productions this talented artist will bring? Be sure to keep an eye one Natsume Mito as she is someone that is almost sure to bring color to any of your grey days.

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Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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