MomocloTV’s 2nd straight victory of Ustream Award!!

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MomocloTV’s 2nd straight victory of Ustream Award!!

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On 28th February 2014, the Usteam channel of Momoiro Clover Z, “MomocloTV” won the grand prize of Ustream Award 2013. They got this championship for the second consecutive year!!

Ustream Award 2013 is awarded to the best channel distributed on Ustream in 2013, based on the votes of viewers. This year 13 channels including MomocloTV are nominated, and it was announced on the live broadcast of Ustream Asia that MomocloTV was awarded the championship.

The members of Momoiro Clover Z participated in the award ceremony through skype, and expressed their thanks and joy. You can watch their joyfully boisterous comments on the recorded video on the special website. This full of Momoclo’s natural style is one of the keys of their popularity.

In fact, Ustream Award started in 2012, and MomocloTV has also gotten the Ustream Award 2012, so this is the 2nd straight victory. Last year “1 day hijack” right of Ustream was awarded as an extra prize, and Momoclo made 24 hours live broadcasting including live performance on the day of Momoclo’s 5th Anniversary, 17th May 2013. This year “1 day plus one month hijack” right was awarded for Momoclo, so look forward to what this hot idol group will do in next!!

The special website of Ustream Award 2013:

Recorded video of the award ceremony of Ustream Award 2013:


Written by nori.

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nori: is a fan of Ayaka Sasaki (A-rin) of Momoiro Clover Z since the first glance of her IDOL performance on YouTube in 2011. Hoping to be of some help them in becoming world-famous group, and world-famous "A-rin"!

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