Title Tune of Momoclo’s New Single Revealed!

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Title Tune of Momoclo’s New Single Revealed!

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New information about Momoiro Clover Z’s next single, which will be released on 8th May, was revealed in the live at the National Stadium!! Title tune is “Naitemo iindayo”, which is written by Miyuki Nakajima, a famous Japanese singer-songwriter. This track was performed at their lives at the National Stadium for the first time. The track is very Japanese pop tune, which is one of her characteristics. This track is going to be used as the title tune of the movie “Akumu-chan the Movie”.

Furthermore, a coupling track “DouDou Heiwa Sengen”, which is the title tune of the movie “Idainaru Shurara-bon”, was also performed at these lives. In reversal, this track is full-scale rap tune. Second coupling track is unveiled yet.

You can listen to a part of both tracks at the special websites of “Akumu-chan the Movie” and “Idainaru Shurara-bon”, so access the website now, and try them!

Official website of the movie “Akumu-chan”:
Official website of the movie “Idainaru Shurara-bon”:
The official news release from Momoiro Clover Z:

Momoclo Haru no Ichidaiji 2014 Kokuritsu Kyougijo Taikai ~NEVER ENDING ADVENTURE Yume no Mukou e~

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