manaminorisa Heat Up For Summer in the MV for “Manatsu no April Fool”!

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manaminorisa Heat Up For Summer in the MV for “Manatsu no April Fool”!

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manaminorisa show off their summer swimsuits (not really) in the MV for “Manatsu no April Fool” from their new single “Manatsu no April Fool/Results” (release date: July 5)!

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Combining their precision formation choreography with amazingly cute scenes of the members using puppets to make it look like they have tiny bodies, manaminorisa are sure to brighten up many a cloudy day with the MV for “Manatsu no April Fool”. With a catchy hook and simple to furicopy (when fans copy the choreography) movements, the members are definitely ready for the festive summer ahead of them. For those of you expecting sexy swimsuits, if you watch until the end, there are some scenes of them dancing with bath towels wrapped around them.

Here are some screenshots!

“Manatsu no April Fool/Results” will be released in in 5 different CD-only types with 5 different covers. Release events for the single begin on June 17th and will continue to heat things up on the way to their 6th one-man live “MMROCK ~Manatsu no April Fool~” at TSUTAYA O-WEST on July 2, 2016.

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MMROCK ~Manatsu no April Fool~
July 2, 2016 (Saturday)
Open: 3:30pm Start: 4:00pm
Presale: 4,000 yen Door: 5,000 yen

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