@JAM the Field vol. 6: Give Thanks for Idols!

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@JAM the Field vol. 6: Give Thanks for Idols!

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@JAM the Field vol. 6 took place in Roppongi’s Blue Theater on November 24th (Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan) and it was a bumper crop of exciting groups gathered together indeed. It was a rather unusual venue since it felt more like the 11 groups gathered were performing in a movie theater instead of a steamy live house or arena.

Opening act Karat☆ in their first appearance at an @JAM event were bursting with energy, giving the crowd a fresh performance onstage and getting their pictures taken with all of the other groups backstage. Having added new members at the beginning of November, the new Karat☆ looked ready to make their upcoming single “Ima wo Ikiru” their best one yet. Even though they are the idols that look to encourage and support others, why not return the favor and encourage and support them back?



Sunmyu took the stage next, bringing their retro sounds hearkening back to the golden age of idols in Japan and countryside charms. With some elements of the 1980’s appearing to be coming back in style, could Sunmyu’s big break be just around the corner? Although it should be quite a while until the first snow falls in most parts of Japan, their recently released “Hatsuyuki Symphony” (First Snow Symphony) is sure to warm the hearts of many when it does come.

Near polar opposites of Sunmyu, Moso Calibration hit one of their biggest stages since the addition of new members Iori Amamiya and Yumeko Mizuki a few weeks ago but showed no signs of nervousness. The theater burst into frenzy as the “maidens of infinite delusions” screamed and thrashed through “Nazenara Watashi, Mousou Shoujo Desu no”, coming to a climax with their latest single “Kanashimi Calibration”.

Pla2me came out in new outfits and Saki Kamiya sporting her recently acquired bangs that made her look a little like ’80’s idol Akina Nakamori if not more similar to her partner Mari Mizuta. Even though they saved “too misery” and “Plastic 2 Mercy” (from their debut single) until the end, the audience was quickly engulfed in their whirlwind of headbanging electronic rock fury.

Sendai’s Party Rockets kept things rocking, flying high as their three voices soared over the galloping guitars and thundering drums of their songs. The audience did the best they could to keep up during “Dangan High Jump” despite the theater seating. Fittingly, they ended their set with “Rainbow” before deferring to their elders Dorothy Little Happy who they were also looking forward to watching.

Dorothy Little Happy began their final performance of the long weekend with a new track from their upcoming album “In My Life ・For My Life” followed by the uplifting “Akiramenaide”. They then sang two of the few slower songs of the night (“Kore wa Chiisana Sora Datta” and “ASIAN STONE”) as the audience was allowed to take a rest from their constant jumping and dancing. They then kicked things back into high gear with “Koi wa Hashiridashita” and “2 the sky”.

Maison Book Girl, the highly anticipated new project featuring ex-BiS member Megumi Koshouji, and Miss iD finalists Kaori Soumoto and Yui Inoue, made their first public appearance as a special guest. While it wasn’t necessarily a disappointing debut, it felt like most fans had been expecting something different from what they saw. True to their name, Maison Book Girl sounded like something you might hear playing in a fashionable bookstore or boutique. Combined with the random skit sandwiched between the two Shibuya-kei songs, perhaps an idol event was not the best place to debut a group like this?

DIANNA☆SWEET in the new outfits for their upcoming single “Deep snow” got things back into a groove with the angular melodies of “SPIDER LOVE” and “ICE CREAM MAGIC” and the jazzy “Deep snow” before rocking out to “Go ahead” where they ran into the crowd while singing enthusiastically. Ending with “Fight”, DIANNA☆SWEET was the first of the high-powered dance units that would close out the event.

Yumemiru Adolescence came out with guns blazing with their new song “Stealth Bukai 25:00” which is 100 times better live when compared to the MV. Yuumi Shida was in high spirits and it was reflected in the audience getting louder and louder throughout their set. Yume Ado fought back with “Syoumei Teenager” and “17:30 no Anime”. Things got so wild that Kyoka was grazed by Yuumi’s towel during the final song “Jump!”.

Tokyo Performance Doll might be one of the most physically fit groups active today. They performed their entire 30-minute set without taking a break until the end. With crowd favorites “Tokyo Hackers Groove”, “Diamond wa Kizukanai”, “Juudai ni Sumi wa nai” and “Wake Me Up”, that was only the beginning. TPD cartwheeled and high kicked their way through “BRAND NEW STORY”, and shot their way through “Dream Trigger” before bringing an end to the “Weekend Paradise”.

The Blue Theater glowed bright pink as TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE took the stage to end the night. Beginning with the dance numbers “Limited Addiction” and “Liar (RE:NDZ remix)”, it almost felt like TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE was going to go for a nonstop set in response to Tokyo Performance Doll. Acknowledging that they were the final act in what was a long day for the audience, they asked them to sit down as they performed their upcoming single “Say long goodbye”. Following up with the thick funky sound of “Count Three” and “existence”, they asked the audience to gather up their last bit of energy (but to save enough to get home) to join them in “Onaji Kimochi” to end the show.

The performances were over but the surprises did not end. Cheeky Parade’s Seran Mizirogi appeared on stage to MC the ending where all the groups came back to the stage and gave their impressions of the event, which was to be continued during her Showroom web program @JAM the World.


As the groups left the stage to go out and meet their fans the announcement for @JAM the Field vol. 7 was projected on the screen. Details listed below.

@JAM the Field vol. 7
February 1, 2015 (Sunday)
Open: 1:00pm Start: 2:00pm
Presale (sales begin January 10, 2015 10:00am): 5,000 yen (+ 1 drink)

Scheduled to appear:
Hime Kyun Fruit Can

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