Instagram Famous in Japan: From Ordinary Girls to Social Media Superstars

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Instagram Famous in Japan: From Ordinary Girls to Social Media Superstars

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Actors and models are always seen and celebrated for their flawless fashion and good looks in magazines and TV programmes. It’s easy to admire them on media everywhere. But what about the others who aren’t celebrities? Enter Instagram, a world of squares that showcases an individual’s personal style. With such SNS (social networking services) gaining popularity in Japan, girls have been taking to Instagram to share their own fashionable looks and attractive photos. Even ordinary girls can get thousands of followers who want to see the “kawaii” snapshots of their everyday life.

School Life


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Not surprisingly, schoolgirls are up-to-date with trends as always and leading the charge on Instagram with photos of their lively school life. Posing with friends, goofing off with each other, wearing the quintessential school uniform—it’s a universe exclusive to the youth. Whether they’re living it up at Disneyland or simply having fun in the classroom, there’s just something attractive about carefree youth captured in pictures.

It’s not just limited to high school students, either. Now enjoying their freedom in college, JD (“joshi daisei”—university girls) seem to live the dream life as they update followers with pictures of their hip cafe dates and stylish clothes. They set the trends—the recent fad is the GoPro, a wide angle camera that gives photos an even more dynamic feel. The possibilities seem endless in the threshold between childhood and adulthood, and these JD trendsetters are going to capture it all on camera while they still can.

Instagrammers to follow:
• Yuimaru – @y_i_n35
• Amisan – @aaaaamiiiiiiiiii
• Aya – @___ayaworld
• Erica Fujita – @erica__fujita


Models aren’t the only fashion icons out day. With their own personal account, it’s all too easy for girls to share their outfits and looks whenever they want. There are dedicated Instagrammers who consistently update their “Outfit of the Day” every single day and garner thousands of followers looking for some style inspiration.

Some of these SNS fashionista even get popular enough to publish their own fashion and lifestyle books, such as Instagram influencer Mariko.

Instagrammers to follow:
• Azunyanko – @azu_pinkxx
• Rinapiyo – @piyo_na_ri_
• Mariko – @mariko_0808
• Hana – @hana_iroha
• Ri-chan – @riho0719


冬の陽射し.20170222 #PENTAXSP #フィルム ○

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These girls often collaborate among each other as both photographers and models on Instagram. Deviating from the typical sleek style of editorial photo sheets, their portraits tend to take on a different kind of creativity with the freedom of expression they have. These days, film cameras are also popular for the retro ambience they produce in their photographs. The whimsical look is intriguing enough for people to want to follow these Instagram models.

Instagrammers to follow:
Saki – @saaaki69my
Iwakura Shiori – @iwakurashiori
Izumi – @imuzi_t
Yumiko – @pico.y
Kana – @kana_149


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It’s a fine line between showing love and showing off, but some Japanese girls are not afraid to let the world see their relationship. When done right, cute pictures of dates and cuddles with their boyfriends will evoke a romantic image that all girls love deep down. Instagram also proves to be an effective personal calendar for girls who want to mark special dates with their boyfriends whether it’s their 10th month or 100th day together as a couple.


Sometimes, it takes the whole picture to catch a potential follower’s eye. That means zooming out and seeing the entire Instagram feed as a whole—an eye-catching, attractive design will easily score a huge following. The dreamy pink aesthetic has always been popular with girls who appreciate a girly style, but a sleek, modern feed also proves to appeal to the “otona-poi” girl.

Whatever the mood is, if an Instagrammer knows how to work her filters with expertise she’ll have the admiration of the audience at her fingertips.

Instagrammers to follow:
Saki – @s_pomgram
Sena – @sena_princess
Nano – @sweets__nano
Takizawa Kana – @kntkzw
Yukiko Taniuchi – @yuccoxx

With the creative capability to design a personal gallery any way they want it, Instagrammers are making their own statement right from their smartphones. With the rise of SNS, they have the opportunity to reach out to a following that could rival that of the mainstream celebrity. Whether they’re a student enjoying their school life with friends or an ordinary office lady sharing their daily fashion coordinates, Instagram gives them the stage to shine.

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