From Stand-Up! Hearts to “Iketeru Hearts”! Tsunku♂ Lends His Power to the Group’s Major Debut

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From Stand-Up! Hearts to “Iketeru Hearts”!  Tsunku♂ Lends His Power to the Group’s Major Debut

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On November 21st and 22nd, idol group Afilia Saga held the release event for their latest single “Embrace Blade” at Ikebukuro Tobu Sky Deck. Their former little sister group, Stand-Up! Hearts, were performing in two mini-lives on 21st as the opening act.

Afilia Saga

Only two songs “Triangle Wave” and “Drawing Again” were performed there, but all the fans were waiting for the announcement about the details of their major debut and the first single.

After the live performance, the leader Yuyu Arata took the microphone and started talking about the announcement.


First, starting from December 1st, the group’s name will be changed from “Stand-Up! Hearts” to “Iketeru Hearts” (イケてるハーツ). The reason behind this is, that now they are not Stand-Up! Records trainees anymore, they needed to detach themselves from their agency name.

The second announcement was the details about their debut single, announcing the title was “Let’s Stand Up!” (release date : February 10th) and the main track is produced by the legendary idol producer, Tsunku♂!

The second mini-live started around 4pm, with the air getting chilly in the Tokyo’s autumn, with “Tenbu no mai, akatsuki no mon” followed by “Opera Fantasia”, after Afilia Saga’s stage.

Afilia Saga

Stand-Up! Hearts (Iketeru Hearts from Dec.1st) 

As Afilia Saga’s Yukafin said, “We are not sisters, but good rivals from now on. Please do your best and surpass Afilia Saga some day! Iketeru Hearts are already on the way to their next step.


iketeru-hearts-tobu-ikebukuro-89 iketeru-hearts-tobu-ikebukuro-90

Stand-Up! Hearts also had the opportunities to perform twice during the Live Plus event at beauty school Harajuku Belle Epoque on November 14th.

Nijika and Tachibana Rie got their make-up done and their hair styled by the school’s students. The group also said that they had they started recording their debut single this day.

1. Sorairo Days
2. Kyouikutekishidou
3. Soukoku no Speaker
4. Triangle Wave

On November 22nd, Arata Yuyu, Manami Kazune and Tachibana Rie got to be make-up and hair models for the school’s students again! Just like in the past week’s performance, they brought joy to the audience in an energetic performance.

1. Drawing again
2. Soukoku no Speaker
3. Tenbu no mai akatsuki no mon
4. Triangle Wave


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Photos by Nathan Gey

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