Hatsune Miku themed smartphone “Xperia™ feat, HATSUNE MIKU”to be Released!

Hatsune Miku themed smartphone “Xperia™ feat, HATSUNE MIKU”to be Released!

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Hatsune Miku themed smartphone “Xperia™ feat. HATSUNE MIKU” will be in store on later September in Japan.
In honor of the name “Miku” (same as 39 in Japanese pronunciation of a number), only 39,000 units will be released.

To commemorate the release, memorial mini album “MikXperience e.p.” will be also released on August 28th. Popular musicians and illustrators are working together on it. They are also worked on the smartphone “Xperia™ feat. HATSUNE MIKU,” it is a totally new attempt that users can experience the world view of the smartphone with listening the album.


“Hatsune Miku V3 English” illustration by ざいん (c) Crypton Future Media, INC.

Furthermore, the sell download of Hatsune Miku V3 English will be started on August 31st in whole world!
Also, “Hatsune Miku V3 Bundle,” which will include both the Japanese and English library, will be released on September 29th. It will run on both Windows and Mac OS X (10.7 or higher).

With Miku’s calm & natural English voice (which is similar to the Japanese version), users can compose original song by inputting lyric and melody.
The day English Vocaloid song are heard in whole world will be coming soon!

Demo Tunes

Coming Together by BSC a.k.a. kuni

Let The Music Speak by Dan Corches (Fid Rizz)

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MikXperience e.p. / Hatsune Miku

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