Girls and Flowers are the best combination made in heaven! Check Out the New MV from hanarichu!
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hanarichu, the “flower gardening idol unit” made up of Osaka DAIZY7‘s Hazuki Sakamoto (sunflower) and Yui Mitani (gerbera), Sapporo Snow♥Loveits‘ Ririka Kodama (lily) and Honoka Yoshimoto (rose) and former TOKYO TORiTSU Kore de Iinkai member Momo Ogata (carnation), have released the full version of the MV for “Colorful High Touch”.

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This video was filmed during their concert tour “Hanakatsu Tour – Kawaii Hana Musume ni wa Tabi wo Sase yo-” that was realized with the support from their 3rd fundraising project. Since the group’s concept is “sharing loveliness of flowers”, so they held not only live performances but also they did flowers picking and gave flowers to fans at the events in Yokohama, Shizuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, and Tokyo.

By the way, the words “High Touch” in the title means “Hi-Five” in English. So this song includes hanarichu’s wish that they try to “meet many people with a smile as bright as flowers and high-five with everyone to be happy for each other”. Anyway, every member looks so cute being surrounded by beautiful flowers!

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Kenji Harada
Kenji Harada

The venerable Japanese word "kawaii" is not the adjective "cute"; it is just a word used to communicate the state of mind of feeling love for something.

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