What’s the Word on New Girls’ Get-Together Trends?! Experience Becoming a Heroine with a Girls’ Photo Shoot Party!

What’s the Word on New Girls’ Get-Together Trends?! Experience Becoming a Heroine with a Girls’ Photo Shoot Party!
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You could say that “joshi-kai”, or girls’ get-togethers/parties, are a part of Japanese pop culture. When directly translated, 女子(joshi) means “girl(s)” and 会(kai) means “get-togethers”, but they aren’t only limited to young Japanese girls. Rather, they’re so common among adult women that the term is almost synonymous to “otona-joshi”(adult girl). As a side note, the definition of otona-joshi is not limited to a certain age group, and is a positive term that encompasses females who are youthful, yet possess the calmer traits of an adult.

I decided to do some digging on the origin of “joshi-kai”. Izakaya (Japanese pub) chains started making women-only course menus, which they coined as “joshi-kai courses”, and the phrase started making its way into everyday conversation. In 2010, the term was chosen as the buzzword of the year. From the word’s creation, instead of representing a particular activity, it began to describe a get-together or party where girls could enjoy eating delicious food, drink, and talk about a wide variety of topics together (especially ones that they wouldn’t otherwise feel comfortable talking about if men were around). However, many different joshi-kai themes have popped up lately, such as “fortune telling joshi-kai”, “running joshi-kai”, “camera joshi-kai”, “outdoor joshi-kai”, “photo shoot joshi-kai”, and so on.

With so many choices, we decided to try out a “photo shoot joshi-kai”, the same one we posted about previously on the site.
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This time there were three of us: popular models Kumiko Funayama, Ai Matsumoto, and Hikari Shina. This is how they normally look!


Additionally as a gift from the three models, our program producer, who normally has no chance to dress up at all, also joined in last minute!


What kind of look would they go for…? Being able to choose from over 100 dresses and receive professional hair and make-up styling, their excitement only grew! Finally their transformations were complete!


They really do look like princesses! They could hardly contain their smiles! Then it was time for the main part of the photo shoot party, the actual photo shoot! A professional photographer took pictures of them for a truly authentic feel. Don’t worry, pose suggestions and advice are offered for those who are new to having their photo taken!


The photo shoot lasted around an hour! Then the four girls were finished! Here are some of the professional shots the cameraman took!











Normally you receive the data files for your own personal use, but if you pay a separate fee, you can have your own original photo book made. We recommend it for those who would like something physical to commemorate the event.

So with the photo shoot out of the way, it was time for tea in our princess outfits! The cute room decorations and table setting really got them into the mood!



With all four princesses seated, it was time to say cheers!


So what kind of topics did the girls talk about…? That’s a secret between the four of them! It wouldn’t be a joshi-kai any other way!

Photo by kobadog
Translated by Jamie Koide

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