Check out the Fashion Brand Produced by Kumiko Funayama, MICOAMERI’s Press Room at Nishiazabu!

Check out the Fashion Brand Produced by Kumiko Funayama, MICOAMERI’s Press Room at Nishiazabu!
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Within the relaxing area of Nishiazabu, you’ll find a showroom that is currently being used as the press room for fashion model, talent and creative director Kumiko Funayama, also known as “Kumikky”, to promote her brand “MICOAMERI“. “MICOAMERI” primarily sells its products online but here you can actually try them on.


During their visit to MICOAMERI, our reporters Ai Matsumoto and Hikari Shiina were introduced to various brand concepts and outfits by Kumiko Funayama herself.


MICOAMERI’s Autumn/Winter collection is based on the concept of “femininity of monotone”. These clothes are designed so that they can be worn by busy office ladies not only at work, but even on their days off.

Take for example Kumiko’s dress, which has removable lace. And on this black coat you can remove the fur on its sleeves. Just like the clothing mentioned, this clothing line is cleverly designed in a way that allows you to customise different clothes to suit more than one occasion.



One of MICOAMERI’s first and most well-known designs is their short denim jacket that features a gathered section. In addition, a variety of MICOAMERI’s nits and jackets feature their signature “bakkuchuuru ribbon”. Within the simple colors and high quality fabrics, exists Kumiko Funayama’s thoughts and feelings. Feelings of wanting to make women more beautiful, cute and wanting them to enjoy fashion on a greater level.

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You can see how Kumiko coordinated Ai Matsmoto and Hikari Shiina’s outfits using purely MICOAMERI’s clothing and accessories here!


Hikari Shiina was transformed into a mature, sophisticated-looking woman after putting on a grey knit set up with a black hat. The small bag she is wearing is also one of MICOAMERI’s products.


Ai Matsumoto also received a transformation when she wore a loose, white knit garment with long white pants and was looking even more feminine than before. The tulle at the back there is one of its most distinctive features.


Be sure to check out Kumiko Funayama’s latest clothing line MICOAMERI either by visiting her press room in Nishiazabu or by viewing her online store!


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MICOAMERI press room
Address : Modern Form Nishi-Azabu PartII, Nishi-Azabu 1-15-7, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Nogizaka



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