Gacharic Spin Jump into Action With the MV for “MUSIC BATTLER”!

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Gacharic Spin Jump into Action With the MV for “MUSIC BATTLER”!

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Gacharic Spin have dispatched a short preview MV for “MUSIC BATTLER” from their major label debut album of the same name (release date: September 30)!

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In their first MV since the addition of new dancer Nenne, Gacharic Spin find themselves up against a tough unseen opponent, prompting them to undergo training. Performing in a field while wearing outfits that resemble those of a super sentai team, the stage is set for something potentially epic to go down in the latter part of the MV but, as this is only a short preview, it is not revealed as to just what that might be. Even if it is just something animated, something like Gacharic Spin combining to form a giant robot would be much appreciated.

“MUSIC BATTLER” will be sold in 2 different limited edition versions (Type-A and Type-B) with DVDs and a regular CD-only version. The DVD for Type-A will include a documentary of their recent performance at J-POP SUMMIT 2015 in San Francisco and the MV for “MUSIC BATTLER”. The DVD for Type-B includes a documentary of guitarist TOMO-ZO’s one-man live and the making of video for “MUSIC BATTLER”.

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Track List

01 Nostalgic Blue
02 Digital Fiction
04 Joushiki Destroyer
05 Mugen Jikkou
06 Gun Bomber Dancer
07 Final na Fantasy
08 Yumegui Zame
09 Identity
10 Matane
11 Sekira Liar
12 Don’t Let Me Down

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