Fairies Begin the Next Chapter in the MV for 13th Single “Cross Road”!

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Fairies Begin the Next Chapter in the MV for 13th Single “Cross Road”!

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Fairies take another step forward in the MV for their 13th single “Cross Road” (release date: August 10)!

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“Cross Road” is being called the start of Fairies’ second chapter as the members make their way into adulthood. However, it seems that so far, their “new start” does not seem to include giving all 6 members equal screen time or line distribution for the lyrics. This is particularly disappointing because Sora Nomoto’s blonde hair looks amazing! It’s also kind of a letdown that with a title like “Cross Road”, the MV was not filmed at an actual crossroads.

“Cross Road” will be sold in a DVD/CD version and a CD version as well as a third version which includes an uchiwa (fan) with 7 different images of the members in yukata on it depending on where you purchase it from: TSUTAYA (Momoka Ito), Tower Records (Miki Shimomura), HMV (Miria Fujita), WonderGOO (Mahiro Hayashida), Yamada Denki (Sora Nomoto), Yamano Music (Rikako Inoue), or mu-mo (all members).

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Cross Road / Fairies
Cross Road / Fairies

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