Faint⋆Star’s First-Ever Performance in Public Held in Shinjuku TOWER RECORDS!

Faint⋆Star’s First-Ever Performance in Public Held in Shinjuku TOWER RECORDS!

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The hot girls unit Faint⋆Star gained the top spot in Tokyo Girls’ Update’s March monthly ranking—and for the first time since the group formed, they gave a live performance for their fans on May 24.

For the venue for their debut, they chose TOWER RECORDS Shinjuku Store —the Tokyo landmark that is a mecca not only for idol fans, but for passionate devotees of music.
Much about Faint⋆Star is still shrouded in mystery, and the only way fans can currently listen to their tunes is through two Music Videos the group has released to the public on YouTube.

Fain⋆Star is already garnering quite the reputation among the music set, and the venue was buzzing with attendees. So many people came that the event space was overcrowded. The atmosphere was electric, and when the two members of Faint⋆Star appeared on stage, a huge roar and a round of applause broke out from the crowd that was breathlessly awaiting their performance.

Though surprised by the size of the crowd, which was far larger than they had imagined, the group still held their own and performed “Sleeping in Your Car.”





At the MC later on, HINA gave her thanks to the fans that had waited for the group and said that “we’re so, so thrilled that so many more people than we imagined turned out to see us.” YURIA also gave her thoughts on what turned out to be her first performance: “I’m nervous, and my legs are shaking, but please be kind and keep watching over us to the very end!”


After performing “レ・ミ・ラ (Let Me Love),” the duo gave some behind-the-scenes info on shooting the Music Video. They also announced, to a warm round of applause in the venue, that they would be lunching their CD debut on July 29.
Finally, they performed their new, unreleased single “koboreteshimattamizunoyouni.” And so, their first performance went down as a great success.


Faint⋆Star is currently featured in a poster for the “NO MUSIC, NO IDOL?” campaign from Tower Records Shinjuku—the first time artists have been selected for that honor before their debut.

After their performance, an event was held to distribute these posters to fans who preordered the CD. They were seemed to enjoy the first-ever meet-and-greet with fans so much.


Even though they haven’t yet made their debut, their precedent-setting tunes make Faint⋆Star a huge sensation unlike any other idols. Overseas fans, be sure to check their music out!

1st MV “Sleeping In Your Car”

2nd MV “レ・ミ・ラ (Let Me Love)”

Faint⋆Star Official website :

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