Denpagumi inc. is going to have first overseas one-man live in Taipei!

Denpagumi inc. is going to have first overseas one-man live in Taipei!

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Denpagumi inc. announced that they are going to have their first overseas one-man live in Taipei, Taiwan THE WALL on 23rd, February, 2013.

They appeared in the fashion show, “roomsLINK TAIPEI,” “SHIBUYA FASHION FESTIVAL in TAIPEI”
performed in runway and special event stage in Taipei, Taiwan on 9th, November.
While bunch of local fans packed the event and went craze same as their fans do in Japan,
they announced about the live at the stage.

Yumemi Nemu, a member of Denpagumi acted as a main model of the event, ” roomsLINK TAIPEI.”
She is getting a great attention from fashion industry, during her DJ time, great deal of audience packed the stage, the floor and road around the event space got panic.
At first, her stage would be 30min. but the play forced to quite in just 15min.

The one-man act in Taipei will be the additional stage of their Japan tour “World wide Denpa tour 2013” which is going to start on 5th, January, 2013.

After the tour start, they will release new single “W.W.D/ Fuyu heto hashiri dasu o! : Run into the winter!
Don’t miss their haps!

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Live Schedule

<World wide☆denpa tour 2013 ~ ichi-Fuji、ni-Taka、San-Denpa! ~>
*all Japanese local time
5th, Jan      Osaka ABENO ROCKTOWN HALL
6th, Jan      Nagoya club quattro
12nd, Jan   Sapporo Sound Lab mole
13rd, Jan    Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
14th, Jan    Sendai CLUB JUNKBOX

<World wide☆denpa tour 2013 ~ Yume mitatte iijan?! in ZEPP TOKYO~>
20th, Jan    Zepp Tokyo

<additional stage>
23rd, February Taipei, Taiwan THE WALL

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