Live Report: ℃-ute Reflects Their First Concert on Their 10th ℃-ute Day Live on September 10th

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Live Report: ℃-ute Reflects Their First Concert on Their 10th ℃-ute Day Live on September 10th

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Everyday you hear about some kind of designation on each calendar day. Although the Ministry of Construction enacted September 10 as the Sewer’s Day, it is more important for us idol lovers to remember this day as “℃-ute Day”! Why shall we not celebrate one of the most talented and cute idol groups in the world?

September 10, Tokyo – ℃-ute held their annual event “℃-ute Cutie Circuit 2015~September 10 is ℃-ute Day~ “at Zepp DiverCity. They announced the release of their double A-side single, “Arigatou~Mugen No Yell~” and “Arashi Wo Okosunda Exciting Fight!” which will be on sale from October 28. These two songs received official recognition from the Japan Wrestling Federation as the athlete’s anthem and cheering song!


The set list and MC was presented in exactly the same form as it was staged on February 25, 2007, ℃-ute’s first solo concert at Nippon Seinenkan. The event started from Saki Nakajima’s short skit as an Enka singer, Shuuzenji Nakiko, and their 10 years history was reflected through their performance and movie.

At last, members commented on their 10th ℃-ute Day:
“I will always keep my mind open as when I began. Please keep following us!” (Chisato Okai)
“I had a fun time acting as Shuzenji Nakiko for the first time in years!” (Saki Nakajima)
“It has been quite a while since I sang ‘ENDLESS LOVE~I Love You More~’. I can’t believe I was singing such a mature song at that age! We’ll keep doing our best with the five of us” (Airi Suzuki)
“When we decided to perform by this set list, we couldn’t find the video that recorded our old dance moves. Then, Nacky (Nakajima)’s mom found the dance video that she took ages ago. I wasn’t sure if this set list worked well, but I hope you all enjoyed it!” (Mai Hagiwara)
“I was super nervous today. This was quite a long performance, but I know you were all trained together with us! I am so lucky to have so many people celebrating our 10th anniversary, thank you so much!” (Maimi Yajima)


Some voices point out that the set list was composed of their old ages’ songs but others say that it reminded them of the first time they went to ℃-ute ’s concert and was impressed by the drastic improvement they made through these 10 years.

℃-ute will have their first concert at Mexico “℃-ute Cutie Circuit~¡Vamos a México!” on September 19. For more information, check Hello! Project Official Website!

℃-ute Cutie Circuit 2015~ September 10th is ℃-ute Day~
September 10, 2015 Zepp Divercity TOKYO Setlist
02.EVERYDAY YEAH! Kataomoi
03.As One
04.ENDLESS LOVE~I Love You More
05.Soku Dakishimete
06.Yes! Shiawase
07.SHALL WE LOVE? (Maimi Yajima/Saki Nakajima)
08.Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi (Chisato Okai/Mai Hagiwara)
09.Sayonara No LOVE SONG (Airi Suzuki)
10.Cutie medley
Mirakurururun Grandprix!
Chokotto LOVE (Saki Nakajima/Airi Suzuki/Chisato Okai)
Otome Pasta Ni Kandou (Maimi Yajima/Mai Hagiwara)
12.Time Capsule
13.Sakura Chirari
14.Ookina Ai de Motenashite
15.Massara Blue Jeans

EN01. Arigatou~Mugen no Yell~
EN02. Arashi Wo Okosunda Exciting Fight!

Details on ℃-ute’s live concert in Mexico Announced!
【Title】℃-ute Cutie Circuit ~¡Vamos a México!~
【Date】2015年9月19日(土) Open:16:45 (VIP Open:16:00) / Start:17:30
【Place】SALA (Puebla #186 esq. Insurgentes, Col. Roma Norte, México, DF

【Ticket Fee】
MX $500 (MX $585 tax included)
VIP TICKET (limited): MX $2,000 (MX $2,200 tax included)
Privilege : Priority Entrance、Photo with signature、Memorial CD for Mexico Concert  (with ticket for handshaking)

【Ticket Releasement】May 16th, 2015  10:00~(GMT-5)
ticketmaster México
Auditorio BlackBerry

Worldwide Handshake Event will be held after the concert for those who buy the memorial CD.
※CD will be sold at the concert site only.

You can see more details at Homepages below
The Promotor:Academia de Cultura Asiática Ninshi
The sub-Promotor:ZEPEDA BROS/Yomu
The organzer:ATL-JAPAN

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