All thoughts of fans from all over the world become one to support the artists' activities.

okyo Girls' Update, which shares the girls' pop culture with the world, has started crowd funding.
Gathering the thoughts of fans from all over the world, it is the materialization of an entertainment project that transcends national borders.

What is Tokyo Girls' Update CROWD?

Japan's girls' pop culture is not only winning over fans locally, but also fans all over the world. In order to support the global movement started by artistes, Tokyo Girls' Update is proposing a brand new entertainment structure that allows fans all around the world to support and produce artistes with the crowd funding platform, "WESYM".

By gathering the enthusiasm of the world and starting various types of projects with the artistes, it aims to strengthen the Japanese pop culture and to allow more people to enjoy it.

Let's support the artistes' activities together with fans from all over the world!

Tokyo Girls' Update CROWD starts various projects with artistes and supports their activities. Through the website, all fans who feel for the projects can support the projects with small amounts of money starting from a few thousand yen. Once the projects have reached their respective targets, the projects will begin, and those who have contributed funds will be repaid not in money, but in products (e.g., CD) or services (e.g., live performances).

These projects will be made known to fans all over the world through Tokyo Girls Update (! We will spread the appeal of the artistes into the world.