It’s Not Just the Food: Cafes in Tokyo with Insta-worthy Exteriors

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It’s Not Just the Food: Cafes in Tokyo with Insta-worthy Exteriors

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We talk a lot about cafes in Tokyo. The city is packed with them, drawing customers every day with their good food and quality ambience. In this article we focus on cafes that go the extra mile beyond serving up a quality menu—there are places that have earned a sparkly reputation on social media because of their exterior. You may be surprised at how effective a photogenic entrance can be in pulling customers through the exterior and into a café.



One look at the café entrance and you’ll get a sense of warmth that invites people inside. It has a homely feeling that makes you feel welcome even before you’ve stepped inside, thanks to its warm palette and simple but picture-perfect design.

Address: Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Higashi-ikebukuro 5-46-12

Official website:

Mugimaru 2


If you blink, you might actually miss it—nestled in a vast mass of greenery, Mugimaru is seemingly hidden from the rest of the world. It’s almost completely covered in the bushes, as if lying in wait for the next curious visitor to enter its canopy of leaves. The mysterious shop front adds an intriguing flavor with its unique way of shying away from the outside.

Address: Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Kagurazaka 5-20

Official website:



This colorful café in Daikanyama lives up to its name with its exterior—its walls feature its smiling mascot welcoming guests inside, and you can even take a picture with it. The adorable wall art is effectively attractive and makes for a good photo spot.

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Ebisunishi 2-18-6 SP Building 1F

Official website:



This café is the epitome of a children’s storybook, and the door is just the cover. It’s a delight to stumble upon this cottage in the back alley of the neighborhood; its vibrant colors and cute details draw a picture that perfectly capture Hattifnatt’s endearing charm.

Address: Tokyo, Musashino-shi, Kichijoji Minamicho 2-22-1

Official website:

Good Town Doughnuts and Coffee

This is another one for the trendy café hoppers. As their name suggests, they specialize in doughnuts and coffee so it’s the perfect place to swing by if you’re looking for a bite. You’d get more than you bargained for with the stylish space they’ve carefully done up, from the white tiles to chic wood furnishing.

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 6-12-6 J-cube B 1F

Official website:

Café Gitane

If you’re wondering where these classy New York vibes are coming from, it’s because that’s where this café originates from. With a dignified color palette and expansive windows that draw in natural sunlight, the classy entrance already exudes an elegance that makes it right at home in upscale Ebisu. You won’t be surprised to learn that inside they serve avocado toast by the slice.

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Ebisu Minami 1-16-11

Official website:

Cafes in Japan are often all-rounders. They pay attention to every last detail, from the doorstep their customers first see to the food they serve. It’s worth making a trip to check these places out for good food and a good photo op. We guarantee you can get your Instaworth in pictures at each of these spots.

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