°C-ute & S/mileage Release “Naruchika” on DVD / Blu-ray!!

°C-ute & S/mileage Release “Naruchika” on DVD / Blu-ray!!

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°C-ute and S/mileage released the joint live DVD / Blu-ray “Naruchika 2013 Autumn °C-ute × S/mileage” on April 23.

Naruchika stands for Narudake chikaku (as close as possible), and includes their desire that they want fans to experience their performance as close as possible.

The DVD / Blu-ray records the whole live held in December 1st last year, in darwin, Miyagi prefecture.
It allows you to spend a great amount of time experiencing high realistic sensation brought by the two groups.

Moreover, it has a bonus footage. It contains MC scenes of the first performance on the same day. The energetic live given by °C-ute and S/mileage from closer-than-usual angle will make you remember a word “Naruchika”, with their desire.

S/mileage will release their new single “Mystery Night! / Eighteen Emotion” on April 30.
MV for each song is on their official YouTube channel. The producer’s enthusiastic commentary will also help you to enjoy the single more.

Naruchika 2013 Autumn °C-ute × S/mileage


02. Dance de Bacoon! ~Yume miru fifteen (°C-ute × S/mileage)
03. MC1
04. Atarashii Watashi ni Nare! (S/mileage)
05. Tokai no Hitorigurashi (°C-ute)
06. MC2
07. Eeka!?
08. Amanojaku
09. Massara Blue Jeans
10. MC3
11. Yattaruchan
12. Bagel and Ham&Cheese
13. Kanashiki Heaven
14. Watashi Choi to Kawaii Urabanchou
15. MC4
16. Ai tte motto Zanshin
17. Kanashiki Amefuri
18. Uchouten LOVE
19. Sukichan
20. MC5
21. The☆Tresure Box
22. Seisyun Song
23. MC6
24. Kimi wa Jitensya Watashi wa Densya de Kitaku

01. MC footage of the first live on the day

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Naruchika 2013 Aki C-ute x S/mileage / C-ute / S/mileage

Naruchika 2013 Aki C-ute x S/mileage / C-ute / S/mileage

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

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