Viewer Warning! BiS’s New Song, “primal.2” Music Video Filmed in Love Hotel, Causes Problems

Viewer Warning! BiS’s New Song, “primal.2” Music Video Filmed in Love Hotel, Causes Problems

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A video clip of BiS‘s new song, “primal.2“, has been uploaded to YouTube.

The song, included on their last album “WHO KiLLED IDOL?“, which will be released on March 5th, is produced by Kenta Matsukuma (SCRAMBLES) and includes guitar from HISASHI (GLAY). HISASHI got involved after the release of BiS’s single “primal” from their indie period, which he praised highly on his Twitter feed when it was released.

The video clip features many 20-something women in addition to BiS, and is filmed in a love hotel. In the clip, the women, alone with the camera operators, show us their real sides, speaking frankly about their worries and fears.

First, view this clip.
(It’s quite a full on video, so viewer discretion is advised)

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This music video will surely cause debate about its pros and cons, not just in Japan but also abroad.

While this view into an adult video-like world is the a distinctive feature, the film techniques are somewhat dated, and it ends up inspiring feelings of sadness, futility, and helplessness.

BiS, who have already declared they will put a halt to their activity, are one answer to what the question of what happens after the terrible ‘idol wars’, but in this video they seem to be expressing a vague sort of sadness.

This video — whose themes seem to be the idea of returning from being an idol to being a normal girl, as well as the idea of purity — may ultimately prove fruitful in allowing BiS to ‘study’ themselves as idols.

Track List / BiS “WHO KiLLED IDOL?”


01. primal.2
02. DiE
03. STUPiG
04. no regret
05. MaguMato
06. GET YOU w/Dorothy Little Happy
08. MMGK
09. BiSimulation
11. nasty face
12. Fly
13. Hi
14. Hide out cut
15. primal.

[DVD – MOVIE Edition]

・IDOL IS DEAD – Non chan no Propaganda Daisensou – “Special Edition”


01. ASH
02. hitoribochi
03. GET YOU w/Dorothy Little Happy
04. BiSimulation
05. Hide out cut
06. DiE
08. Fly
09. Hi
10. STUPiG
11. ODD FUTURE -Pour Lui Ver.-
12. ODD FUTURE -Hirano Nozomi Ver.-
13. ODD FUTURE -First Summer Uika Ver.-
14. ODD FUTURE -Tentenko Ver.-
15. ODD FUTURE -Kamiya Saki Ver.-
16. ODD FUTURE -Koshouji Megumi Ver.-
17. primal.2

Who Killed Idol? / BiS

BiS official website :

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