Bandjanaimon! Rallies Together Bands, Idols, & DJs for Unforgettable Banmon! Fes 2015!

Bandjanaimon! Rallies Together Bands, Idols, & DJs for Unforgettable Banmon! Fes 2015!

Photo by Sotaro Goto

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Bandjanaimon!, the group that calls themselves “the mixed-media of the idol world” because they stand on the borders between bands, DJs, and idols, gathered together a diverse selection of performers for a wild event at Shin-Kiba Studio Coast titled Banmon Fes on October 24, 2015.


Because there was such a variety of different groups on the lineup, this report is the collaborative effort of Okkun, Rhythm, and ykmk. Additionally, photographs were provided by Nathan Gey (France) and Sotaro Goto (Japan). Notations will be made accordingly.

When the doors opened at 2:00pm, attendees were greeted by the sounds of DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING, who was spinning idol classics from the booth at the far end of the room. When he switched over to Bandjanaimon!’s “Hayai Kyoku”, the 6 members of the group made their appearance on stage to welcome the audience to their event.


Opening up the performances for the day was POP, taking the stage after the now customary announcement by their manager for audience members to not stage dive, mosh, or lift each other up. In spite of the self-imposed “handicap” in an event filled with groups known for their wild fans, POP hit the stage running in their crimson jerseys (tracksuits) as they began with “Daydream”. Alternating between hiding behind their hands and waving to the audience while smiling, POP played peek-a-boo with them as they began “Letter”. Miki Yamamachi lead the others across the stage like she was guiding a plane across the tarmac.

After a short self introduction and enthusiastic thanks for being invited to perform by Ao Shigusawa, POP continued with their legendary debut song “Plastic 2 Mercy”, which was met with a loud shout of delight. The floor shook as the audience jumped up and down along with the members while shouting out a thunderous MIX. Ending with “who am I?”, POP lead the audience as they rocked back and forth and bounced around on the stage. Ao played air drums during the break, the fans shouting every time she hit the imaginary cymbals. Lying prone on the stage, POP threw out reverse kechas to the audience before jumping back to their feet to finish out the song and jog off the stage, their foreheads glistening with sweat.

01 Daydream
02 Letter
03 Plastic 2 Mercy
04 who am I?

words by Okkun
photos by Nathan Gey


drop, the group created by Twin Tail Association Japan, appeared on stage before a sea of red, blue, and green glow sticks. The trio started off with their upbeat idol tune “Nanimo Iranai”, calling for fans to chant, dance along, and jump. Things got heavier as the group picked up air guitars and air drums for their second song, “Hashire”. Complete with metal horns and headbanging, the song also included fans running around in a circular mosh pit, mirroring the movement on the stage.

Leader Misato Misaki introduced their new song “Hocus Pocus,” which had just been released a few days earlier. Just in time for Halloween, the song features a very eerie tone and Victorian-inspired costumes with respective forest witch, Queen of Hearts, and masquerade ball themes. drop turned up the energy again for their last song, “Joudan Janai”, an intense call-and-response packed song packed with “URYA OI” yells to get the audience pumped.

01 Nanimo Iranai
02 Hashire
03 Hocus Pocus
04 Joudan Janai

words by Rhythm
photos by Nathan Gey

As the stage was being prepared for FLiP, Misako and Gumi appeared from behind the DJ booth to introduce the event goods and their new collaboration products with Village Vanguard. While all the special limited T-shirts for Banmon Fes were sold out early in the day, you will definitely be able to find something exciting when you visit any of the Village Vanguard stores scattered across Japan.


Okinawa’s FLiP was the first band of the day, starting slow and steady with “Wonderland” but the mood began to heat up towards the middle of the song as guitarist Yuko dug into the strings of her Telecaster for her solo. This was followed by “GIRL”, which had the audience bouncing and clapping along. Attempting to appeal to the audience, which skewed heavily to idol fans, drummer Yuumi tried her best to sound as cute as possible when introducing herself. They went back to business, banging out the steady rock number “JEREMY” before jumping into their grand finale “Kazana”.

Vocalist Sachiko and bassist Sayaka ran over to Yuumi’s drum set and started beating out a rhythm on the bass drum and floor toms, allowing her to run out to the front of the stage and lead the audience in a call and response before returning for a drum solo. Sachiko and Sayaka also returned to their places on stage to close out their set as the audience warmly extended kechas towards the stage.

01 Wonderland
04 Kazana

words by Okkun
photos by Nathan Gey


PassCode may have just lost yu-ri Kurohara to withdrawal a few days prior but the electronicore group from Osaka hit the stage as hard as ever! Yuna Imada’s bloodcurdling death scream blasted through the air inside Shin-Kiba Studio Coast and PassCode launched into “Asterisk”, the floor area writhing like a stormy sea, bodies crashing into each other and fists pumping. Continuing into the EDM-heavy “Gekidou Progressive”, lyrics flew like a storm of bullets, the audience banding their heads as PassCode jabbed the air. Moving to the next level, the chiptune intro of “club kids never die” signaled the start of another melee that switched back and forth between hyperactive electronica and grinding heavy metal.

Adding fuel to the fire, PassCode yelled for the audience to get even more excited for their 1st single Nextage, as fans climbed on top of each other to show their appreciation for the group. Chugging away at their air guitars, PassCode closed out their intense set with “Seize the day!!”, a relatively calm punk rock tune that still had its share of fans scrambling to get their attention. Miss iD 2016 finalist Nao Minami reminded the crowd that they would be starting their first national tour the next day as PassCode left the stage and headed back to Osaka.

01 Asterisk
02 Gekidou Progressive
03 club kids never die
04 Nextage
05 Seize the day!!

words by Okkun
photos by Nathan Gey


When the lights came back on, Yurumerumo! appeared and kicked things off with “Nigero”, swaying freely from side to side swinging their arms as their fans waved 6 different colored penlights and scrambled for attention. Half a dozen fans got up on the shoulders of their comrades as Mone sweetly sang her solo lines in the middle of the song.

Chiffon let out a shout as Yurumerumo! took things in a punk direction with “Yoiyoi”, one of the new songs from their 2nd album “YOU ARE THE WORLD” (release date: November 11). As Ano’s voice trailed off like a guitar feeding back, they went back in time with the electropop tune “Sukiyaki”, from their 1st album “Unforgettable Final Odyssey”. Unleashing a wall of screams, the madness to an end with “Only you”, fans jumping as Yurumerumo! commanded them to “fly” (tobe!) and multilayered guitars swirled like oil on water.

01 Nigero
02 Yoiyoi
03 Sukiyaki
04 Only you

words by Okkun
photos by Nathan Gey

Next was Chanmomo◎ and Yuzupon teaming up to DJ an eclectic mix of tunes, highlighted by the song that idol wota can’t help but move their bodies to: “nerve”.

01 Volare (Gipsy Kings)
02 BEER LOVE (The 50 Kaitenz)
03 nerve (BiS)
04 Rock n’ Roll wa Nari Tomanai (Shinsei Kamattechan)
05 urban disco (the telephones)
06 Ginga (Fujifabric)
07 Enjoy Jinsei (Team Syachihoko)

photos by Sotaro Goto


Next up was the boyish girls unit, THE HOOPERS, bringing a very different flavor to a festival where cuteness prevails. Looking cool in sleek white suits, they opened with the brassy and dark “Ame wo Oikakete” featuring some provocative choreography between members to turn up the heat. Next up was the group’s debut single, “Itoshi Koishi Kimi Koishi”, spotlighting lead vocalist Mirai’s dulcet tones and group acrobats Makoto and Sena’s impressive backflips.

The setlist continued with the upbeat “Mikansei na Chizu”, including an audience-wide wave, followed by a cover of the Vocaloid song “Fire Flower”. After a brief MC, the handsome HOOPERS closed out their set with their newest single, “Go! Go! Dance ga Tomaranai”, inviting all audience members to join them in their go-go dance choreography.

01 Ame wo Oikakete
02 Itoshi Koishi Kimi Koishi
03 Mikansei na Chizu
04 Fire Flower
05 Go! Go! Dance ga Tomaranai

words by Rhythm
photos by Nathan Gey

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