Babyraids JAPAN Unleash Rock n’ Roll Blitzkreig on Tokyo Idol Festival 2016!

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Babyraids JAPAN Unleash Rock n’ Roll Blitzkreig on Tokyo Idol Festival 2016!

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Fresh off their first overseas performances at Japan Expo 2016 in Paris, Babyraids JAPAN were on fire as they returned to Tokyo Idol Festival 2016 with 5 incendiary performances. Here is just a small sampling of the heat that they brought to Odaiba over the course of the weekend!


August 6, 2016 – Hot Stage – 2:35pm – 3:05pm

Running out to the tightly wound guitar riff of “Cinderella ja Irarenai”, Babyraids JAPAN jumped right in and lit the crowd on fire, strutting confidently and powerfully across the stage in a flash of swinging arms and fluttering fingers. Nao Takami tossed off her hat, she and the others banging their heads as the guitar solo sliced through the air. The heavy riffing continued with “S.O.K.”, the “Tora-Gaa” (Babyraids JAPAN fans) shouting and jumping to the galloping rhythms.

Rikako Oya reminded the audience that their second album “Nippon Chu!Chu!Chu!” would be coming out on September 21st, with Nao joking that Erika Denya would be giving out “Chu!Chu!Chu!” (kisses) to whoever bought it. Rikako continued with talking about their upcoming 3-day 69-hour long festival “Netsu-Kurushisa Zenkai!! Babyraids JAPAN 4 Shuunen Kikaku 『EMOTIONAL IDOROCK FES.』69-jikan Party! Party!! Fire!!!”, which will begin at 7pm on October 6th and run until 4pm on October 9th at Shinjuku ReNY, announcing that groups like Gacharic Spin, 9nine, Nama Hamu and Yaki Udon, and GEM were added to the lineup. Babyraids JAPAN made pulses quicken with “Baby Kiss”, Manatsu Hayashi and Erika sharing a quick embrace in between the parade of flirtatious choreography, the climax coming when Erika delivered her knock out punch by uttering, “I’ve come to love you more!” (Motto suki ni nachau) and “Idiot, everything within me has become you!” (Baka! Watashi no naka zenbu kimi ni natta yo).

Any lingering embarrassment was thrown out as Babyraids JAPAN roared right into “Tora Tora Tiger”, the crowd clawing and jumping along with them. Riding high on the waves of energy emanating from the audience, they dove towards the end of their near nonstop performance with “Babyraids”, the shouts of the fans almost drowning them out. Reaching their hands high overhead and accompanied by steady clapping, Babyraids JAPAN’s domination of the Hot Stage blasted to a finish with “Yoake Brand New Days”, Nao dropping into a split and leapfrogging over Manatsu. Foreheads shiny with perspiration and breathing hard, they thanked the audience and left the stage after giving one of the most emotional and ferocious performances of Tokyo Idol Festival 2016.

Photos by Nathan Gey

01 Cinderella ja Irarenai
02 S.O.K.
03 Baby Kiss
04 Tora Tora Tiger
05 Babyraids
06 Yoake Brand New Days

August 7, 2016 – Smile Garden – 7:35pm – 7:55pm

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