Merry Ucchi Go Round!! “Floating Heart” MV Available from Aya Uchida’s Concept Album “Sweet Tears”

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Merry Ucchi Go Round!! “Floating Heart” MV Available from Aya Uchida’s Concept Album “Sweet Tears”

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Aya Uchida, a voice actress and singer, introduced the short music video of the leading song “Floating Heart” from one of her concept album “Sweet Tears” (February 10th on sale) on Youtube. She will be having two concept albums on sale on February 10th which was announced during her 2nd live “Blooming!”

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The music video creates a fantastic and romantic world with the merry go round background. The shooting went on at a Merry Go Round Cafe at the Kiyotaka Highland located in Yamanashi Prefecture, where many fans started to visit after this music video came available. The album “Sweet Tears” contains six electro pop songs, expressing the pop world, but at the same time, deep feeling of love.


Two concept albums “Sweet Tears” and “Bitter Kiss” express the girls’ feeling when falling in love. Both album contains with the leading song’s music video, and more information of “Bitter Kiss” will come up at Niconico Live Broadcasting on January 12th.

Ucchi is known as Kotori Minami’s voice from LoveLive! As Kotori, Ucchi (nickname for Aya) has been exposing on Japanese television and radio to prepare for the NHK Year End Grand Song Festival and LoveLive! Final Concert at Tokyo Dome.


Sweet Tears / Aya Uchida
Bitter Kiss / Aya Uchida

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