A limited time unit AnMiRan as @JAM navigator! AnMinRan was established in 2015 to cheer up one of the largest Japanese idol event, “@JAM EXPO 2015”, that will be held in August. The group consists Anyu Kobayashi from Tokyo Performance Doll, Mimori Tominaga from Dorothy Little Happy and callme, and Seran Mizorogi from Cheeky Parade. In order to liven up the event, Keiichi Hashimoto, the producer of @JAM, created the special unit, AnMinRan! Starting their project from @JAM 2015 on May 30 at Zepp Diver City, they will remain active until @JAM EXPO 2015 at Yokohama Arena on August 29. AnMinRan will release an original song and perform at various events so, look forward for their activities!

Anyu Kobayashi

  • Date of Birth: November 9, 1998, 16 years old
  • Shizuoka Prefecture/ Blood Type: A/ Height: 164cm
  • Hobby: Fashion coordinate, Hair arrange, Riding on rollercoasters, Writing self-improvement notes, Watching movies, Reading books
  • Specialty: Copying Pikachu and Super Mario, having a flexible body, memorizing, Hula hoop, Tap dance
  • Charm point: Long hair, Necomimi
  • Favorite saying: People become unskilled when they start to think that they are skilled
  • Official Website:  http://tpd-web.com/


  • An 18 years old who has the power of expression full of dynamism. Making use of her specialty of the playing the piano, she also composes the songs of callme.
  • Nickname: Mimorin, Mimochan
  • Favorite food: Haagen-Dazs, Pino, Kewpie Mayonnaise, Gyudon (bowl of rice topped with beef) of Sukiya, Chocolate scorn, Harakomeshi (Dish in which cooked rice is served with salmon flesh and salmon roe placed on top), Tofu
  • Favorite Drink: Coca Cola, ILOHAS sparkling lemon, Minami Alps no Tennensui (water), Milk, Karada-meguri-cha (tea)
  • Favorite smartphone application: Candy Crush, Comico, jubeat plus
  • Favorite Cosmetics: Sekkisei, NIVEA
  • Favorite Fashion Brand: PARA AVION, franche lippee, Ne net, POU DOU DOU
  • Specialty: Piano, Illustration, Game, Ventriloquism, Guessing the name of the Ghibli anime by listening to the featured songs, Hanging out
  • Other: Hobby: Piano, Composition, Illustration
  • Current Interest: Shiso plum, Seasoned cod roe mayonnaise, Collecting fairy-tale-like goods, Walking
  • Dislikes: Pollen, Tomato, Celery, Edible flower bud of the fuki plant, Sea Urchin
  • Dorothy Little Happy Official Website:  http://dorothylittlehappy.com/
  • Callmen Official Website:  http://avex.jp/callme/

Seran Mizorogi

  • Date of Birth: April 22, 1997/ 18 years-old
  • Born in Tokyo/ Blood type A/ Height: 162
  • Fashion leader of Cheeky Parade
  • Hobby/Specialty: Interacting with animals/self hair and make-up
  • Regular programs: showroom “@JAM THE WORLD” MC,“B.L.T” (Tokyo News)
  • 2010 “avex idol audition 2010”Finalist
  • 2012 starts career as member of iDOL Street 2nd group “Cheeky Parade”
  • 2014 March Live at Shinagawa Stellar ball (3,000 audiences)
  • 2014 Summer Performs at several Festivals (ROCK IN JAPAN FES.2014, Inazuma Rock Fes 2014, a-nation’14)
  • 2014 August Live at EX THEATER Roppongi (3,000 audiences)
  • 2014 October Performs at FESThe 3rd Annual CBGB Music & Film Festival in New York
  • 2014 December Live at Zepp TOKYO (3,000 audiences)
  • 2015 June 28 Cheeky Parade LIVE 2015 “Fukkin Dai Hakurankai”at Akasaka BLITZ