The largest idol expo “@JAM EXPO 2014″ was held last August. With the support of the customers and idols, @JAM was able to produce a new form of Festival.

Fortunately, we receieved numberless compliments, but also found many points needing reflection and improvement. Our goal of “holding a festival that everyone can enjoy” has ended unaccomplished.

@ JAM EXPO is an event held for those who support idols, those who dream to become an idol, those who are struggling everyday as an idol, and those who aim higher to become the top idol.  
Having these various scenes in one event, it is unfortunate to end it by calling the idol scene as a “boom”, and we hope that @JAM EXPO will turn into an event that will represent the Japanese culture and music scene.
Keeping this ambition in mind, we aim to establish something that we could not achieve last year: to hold a festival that everyone can enjoy.
August 29, 2015, “@JAM EXPO 2015″ will be held at Yokohama Arena.
We have a great feeling and pride in @JAM that has continued for 6 years, and hope to spread and continue the excitement of the wonderful idol scene.

Those of you who support idols, and those who are dreaming of becoming one, lets all make the last week of your Summer holiday an unforgettable one!
2015 January 1st 
@JAM EXPO 2015 General Producer, Keiichi Hashimoto