Tokyo Girls’ Update goods!

I am IDOL T-shirts [White/Navy]

Popular T-shirt which all sold out at last year’s @JAM EXPO come back! Tokyo Girls’ Update and global kawaii icon HELLO KITTY collaborate! The T-shirt’s print is reversal designe, so if you see yourself wearing it in the mirror, it says “I am IDOL”! The T-shirts got popularity among idols and soon became difficult to get. Only limited 100 pieces will be sold this year at @JAM EXPO 2015. Don’t miss it!
Price : 3,500yen (Tax included)

In two colors, white and navy.


KSDD×TGU collaboration T-shirts

If you are idol wotaku, you should know the word “KSDD”, an initialization of the term “kuso daredemo daisuki”, a derogative term meaning someone who like just about every idol there is.
Price : 3,500yen(Tax included)


“wotaku mind” stickers!

Following the buzz created when they first appeared on Twitter, Tokyo Girls’ Update has begun selling “wotaku mind” stickers! They have words of wisdom on how to be a true wotaku! The first run has 5 different styles so why not get them before they sell out?

Price : 200 yen / piece, 1000yen/ 1 set (5 pieces) (Tax included)


Saizen Igai wa Zaitaku (最前以外は在宅)

If you’re not in the front, you might as well be at home.

Oshi Igai wa Ippan Josei (推し以外は一般女性)

All others are just ordinary women compared to my “oshi” (favorite idol).

Oshi ni Mushi Sarete kara ni Honban(推しに無視されてからが本番)

When your “oshi” has started ignoring you is how you know that things are finally getting serious!

Resu ga Nai nara Koroshite kure (レスがないなら殺してくれ)

Give me “resu” (response) or give me death!

Oshi Kaburi wa En no Kire me (推し被りは縁の切れ目)

Disaster is the only outcome for friends who share the same “oshi”.

Natalie × @JAM EXPO 2015 Collaboration Goods

Web media Natalie collaborates with @JAM EXPO 2015 and produces the goods!

@JAM EXPO×Omochi Alien T-shirts

3,000yen (Tax included)
Omochi Alien will invade both the front and back side of the T-shirt!

@JAM EXPO×Omochi Alien Sacoche

2,500yen (Tax included)
Sacoche with Cyalume pocket!

@JAM EXPO×Omochi Alien Muffle Towel

2,500yen (Tax included)
Cute design with many colorful “fruits Komochi”!

@JAM EXPO×Omochi Alien Sticker

500yen(Tax included)
The stickers will invade your belongings!

Pre-order from here :

@JAM Goods Pre-Sale!

Its only a month to go until @JAM EXPO 2015!

The goods that will be sold at the venue have been released.

We are having the service to send you the goods before the dates.

Please apply during the dates and enjoy the @JAM EXPO 2015!!

Sending Services

7/27 21:30 ~ 8/14 23:59 (JST)

Application on Lawson Net Shopping


@JAMxHELLO KITTY collaboration goods!

@JAM has collaborated with many artists. This year is a special collaboration with HELLO KITTY!

@JAMxHELLO KITTY T-Shirts [White/Black]

There is a cute @JAMxHELLO KITTY logo printed on the front.

In two colors, white and black.


@JAMxHELLO KITTY muffler towel

One of the most necessary items for a live.

The towel is very colorful.


@JAMxHELLO KITTY Acril Key Holder

We are also selling a Key Holder!

Don’t miss this chance!


@JAM-kun Mirinemu-chan Attourufu New Version T-Shirts

As a new version of @JAM-kun, BIG@JAM-kun and Mirinemu-chan, @Wolf have new color variations!

These became sold out very quickly last year so remember to buy them!

Attojam-kun T-shirts [White/Black]


@JAM-kun Badge


Mirinemu-chan T-shirt[Mint Green/ Lime Pink]


@Wolf T-shirt [Gray/ Navy]


@JAM EXPO 2014 Tote bag has come back!

※ This will not be sold at the venue.

Use this to carry the goods you bought!