ANDCRAZY Let Their Feelings Explode in the MV for “Kanjou Bakuha Rain”!

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ANDCRAZY Let Their Feelings Explode in the MV for “Kanjou Bakuha Rain”!

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Nagoya-based girls’ rock unit ANDCRAZY have opened the door on the MV for “Kanjou Bakuha Rain” (release date: December 2)!

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In the MV, Ritsuka★ wakes up in a bed in the middle of a forest and is struck by a headache that brings her to her knees, which is a visual representation of how overwhelming life can be when one becomes an adult. However, the lyrics of the song talk about how having friends (nakama) make the clouds disappear and so she eventually gathers the strength to grab her uniform and join the others. The MV was made public after the preview received over 500 retweets in a few hours.

“Kanjou Bakuha Rain” will be released in a regular version as well as 5 solo versions, each with a different coupling song by each member of ANDCRAZY: “206 Metronome” (Ritsuka★), “Chemical Hatsudenki” (Aria Aizawa), “Anata Dake” (MoE), “Arifureta ‘Koufuku’ to iu Na no Itsuwari goto” (Megumi Sakaki), “ROCK★FLOWER” (Haru Yano). The coupling song for the regular version is titled “Chikai no Sou”. MVs for the solo songs have already been filmed so make sure to follow ANDCRAZY on Twitter so you can retweet and make sure they are unveiled as soon as possible!

ANDCRAZY was formed in 2014 through an Aichi TV program named Idol Kaiwai. They will be celebrating their 1st anniversary at Nagoya DIAMOND HALL on December 30, 2015.

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