The Fusion of Cuteness and Coolness! 3min. Releases the MV for “BOUNCE!!”

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The Fusion of Cuteness and Coolness!  3min. Releases the MV for “BOUNCE!!”

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3min. (read : Sanmini) revealed the music video for “BOUNCE!!” on December 24th. The MV was created in collaboration with their fans ; they appear in the MV as cameos.

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“BOUNCE!!” has been already performed regularly in their live concerts. The members do hard head-banging with their arms on each other’s shoulders during the interlude of the song and they seem like a real heavy rock band.

3min. just held their 2nd Anniversary one-man concert today (December 24th) at Harajuku Astro Hall. It was so awesome as they showed matured and strong performance so that fans on the floor shouted louder against the enthusiasm atmosphere on the stage. They showcased their latest song titled “Grow into the star” that Sako Makita provided the lyrics. The song has straightforward messages describing the “fighting spirit” of 3min.

During the concert, the three important announcement were made by the members. First, the MV for “BOUNCE!!” will be unveiled from today’s 11 pm. (And it was already released now as we showed above) Second, they will hold the next one-man concert on April 2nd, 2016 (They announced it’s March 33rd = 3月33日) at Shibuya DR.JEEKAHNS. And the last one is probably most impressive for fans ; they will be releasing their first mini album “A to Z” on March 30th!

Time passes quickly and  2016 is their 3rd year. In the end of the concert Ayaka Minami commented, “The next year will be the year to make challenges for us!”. We’re really looking forward to their “grow into the star”.

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3min. One-man Live commemorating the release of “A to Z”
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Kenji Harada

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