Pikarin, You’ll Melt More!, and Itokutora Perform in Shanghai at 2016 魔都 ACG Seika no Matsuri
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On July 23rd and 24th, an event “2016 魔都ACG Seika no Matsuri SHANGHAI(S☆J EXPO)”, featuring Japanese anime, cosplay, idol, game, fashion, and traditional cultures, will be held in Shanghai.

At this event, Shiina Hikari (aka Pikarin), You’ll Melt More! (Yurumerumo!), and Itokutora from Q’ulle will perform on the stage!

acg-shanghai -2016-event-03

Shiina Hikari (aka Pikarin)

acg-shanghai -2016-event-02

You’ll Melt More! (Yurumerumo!)

acg-shanghai -2016-event-01

Itokutora from Q’ulle

Along with the idols’ performance, the contests on cosplay, dance, and anisong will be held. There are various things will be exhibited ; school girls’ seifuku brand, Kumamon goods, Japanese studying tools, Chinese games, latest VR-related things, flea market, and so on.

The venue is Yun SPACE, the same place where Shanghai Fashion Week 2016 was held. Make your summer experience hotter with this event!

2016魔都ACG Seika no Matsuri SHANGHAI(S☆J EXPO)
Date : July 23rd, 24th, 2016 (9am~8pm)
Venue : Yun SPACE
Entrance fee : advanced 35TWD/ door 40TWD

About Tickets
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